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Searching for an awesome Executive Administrator role in the St. Louis area?

Swip Systems is looking to fill a St. Louis Executive Admin role with someone that will be an incredible asset.

If, after reading the position description below, you don’t feel you are overqualified, please do not apply. You can also explore other technology careers at Swip Systems.

Executive Administrator Primary Role

Your primary role would be to work with our leadership team to help manage and execute the details that take time away from building the business and interacting with clients, contacts and our staff.

Work Culture at Swip Systems

Here at Swip Systems, we pride ourselves on hard work, open communication and mutual respect. Our staff works in a casual environment with a lot of autonomy. Find out more about Swip Systems to see if you’re a good fit for this leading software development firm.

Swip Systems is made up of a bunch of engineers and software geeks that turned our passion into a thriving business. We are looking for an executive admin that can help grow our organization by keeping the leadership team organized and on task.

We are a values-driven organization that exists to help other people through technology development in the St. Louis area. Read our client success stories to get a feel for what kind of work we do.

St. Louis Executive Admin Job Description

The ideal person is someone that is comfortable with themselves and knows exactly what is needed to get a job done with little or no direction. They are a detail oriented person that leaves no task undone, yet is comfortable talking with anyone from entry level roles to the most influential people in St. Louis.

The ideal Executive Admin has a “can do” attitude and can push projects through to completion. They have great customer service skills and know what is needed to make people feel comfortable and a part of the team or conversation. They are a fast learner that handles today’s technology as if they have been using it for years.

The candidate has great writing skills with a professional tone, good grammar and good spelling. They are usually the organizer in the crowd and people go to them to lead.

Ideal Qualities for the Executive Admin

If you are the right person for this job, you…

  • Have worked previously as an admin to executive leadership
  • Have emotional intelligence and maturity
  • Can’t stand loose ends or leaving a job undone or half way done
  • Think fast on your feet and quickly adapt to the situation
  • Move at the speed of small business
  • Can take an inbox from 200 emails to 0 emails every day without letting anything go overlooked
  • Are capable of managing multiple mailboxes for several people
  • Are able to effectively manage and schedule in an already crowded calendar
  • Are able to plan for travel time, follow up and downtime between meetings and calls, without overloading someone
  • Can follow up with new connections being made every day and make sure appropriate follow up steps are taken, so no one feels left out
  • Are capable of managing activities for multiple companies
  • Have an excellent sense of prioritization and what needs to get done first
  • Are very self-motivated and have a “can do” attitude
  • Don’t like to stand around and gossip
  • Feel that no task is beneath you, such as making coffee, picking up lunch, etc.
  • Can read a challenging situation and anticipate what needs to be done to make it a success
  • Never lose a thing and know exactly where everything belongs
  • Can’t stand a messy pile of papers or disorganization
  • Are comfortable talking with some of the most influential people in St. Louis
  • Know when to be firm and when to escalate issues to the correct people
  • Take constructive criticism well so we can improve as a team and move on
  • Have the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously without missing a thing
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Can take a very small set of instructions and turn it into exactly what the person asking needs
  • Can help organize and schedule 100 – 150 person events and follow up with the guest list afterwards
  • Pick up quickly on new technology and online tools
  • Are comfortable in the Office 365 and Google suite of tools

Executive Admin Details

You will work directly with the owners and the leadership team. Most hours will be between 8 am and 5:30 pm, but must be accessible at times before and after hours, with notice, when needed.

If this is you, we look forward to meeting you and seeing what we can accomplish together!! Please email your cover letter and resume to

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