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Tom Swip discusses why building a mobile app for your business can improve the way your company accesses information and manages tasks.

Visor technology could replace mobile phones in the next five years. We’re taking a deep dive into technology with Tom Swip, President and CEO of Swip Systems. Listen to the latest episode of C-Speak, The Language of Executives.


Making mobile apps a reality- Tom Swip presents the challenges businesses should be aware of at the Weekly Whiteboard Webinar series at Venture Cafe.

What is the cloud? Tom Swip discusses the importance of cloud technology as it relates to the business at the Weekly Whiteboard Webinar series at Venture Cafe.

Six-Step Guide to Custom Software Application Success


Avoid an expensive software failure with Swip System CEO, Tom Swip’s Six-Step Guide to implementing successful custom software applications.

Ensure you have a properly laid plan for managing the many small details. His proven steps have achieved success for many clients, now let his expertise help you….

Step 1 – Getting Your Internal Team together.


Step 2 – Get Your Plan together.


Step 3 – Get Your External Team Together.


Step 4 – Visualize Your Project.


Step 5 – Take a Good Hard Look at Your Happy Minimum Product.


Step 6 – Communicate, Communicate, & Communicate Some More


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