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Tom is on a mission…

Tom Swip is on a personal mission to help business owners grow and maintain profitable businesses through the use of technology.

Starting his first company at age nine washing windows for Main Street businesses, Tom continued his teenage mechanical and entrepreneurial journey as a repair tech for bicycles, boats, and race cars. This path led him to acquire a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

Tom has been developing and streamlining business processes for over 25 years. Cutting his teeth at UPS out of college, Tom’s expertise lies in business process automation and software application design.

While working for UPS, Tom was instrumental in implementing revolutionary technology that is still in use today, including:

  1. The first tablets ever used by drivers
  2. The first nationwide barcoding system
  3. The first nationwide wireless implementation in UPS trucks

Swip Systems is Tom’s international technology consultancy company. He is currently President/CEO. After recognizing the need for more community support for the manufacturing sector through his work at Swip Systems, Tom founded the Midwest Manufacturing Leaders (MML). This organization is aimed at strengthening the manufacturing community and stabilizing the region’s economy. In addition, Tom is an owner and mentor to startups at various stages of growth and development.

Tom’s Key Speaking Topics

Reducing Risk in Your Organization with Technology

If you have limited visibility into your company or are running your company through the rear view mirror, it may be off the rails and you have no idea.

With this topic, you will learn:

  • How KPIs create visibility and the technology systems that help make that happen
  • When you automate reproducible processes and create standard operating procedures, you reduce tribal knowledge
  • Why creating a single source of accurate information promotes alignment and transparency

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Technology Culture

Technology can make or break your company culture. Technology provides better insight, increased efficiency, and more stability when done right.

With this topic, you will learn:

  • The importance of unifying your team around business process automation, technology systems, and accurate information
  • How real-time metrics and dashboards create greater business visibility
  • Why strengthening customer and team experiences through sharing and providing meaningful data impacts the bottom line

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See Tom in Action

C-Speak Podcast:
Tom Swip, President and CEO of Swip Systems

Visor technology could replace mobile phones in the next five years. We’re taking a deep dive into technology with Tom Swip, President and CEO of Swip Systems. Listen to the latest episode of C-Speak, The Language of Executives.

STL Leaders Podcast:
Tom Swip, President and CEO of Swip Systems

Tom Swip is the CEO & Founder of Swip Systems, where they build custom software and help implement software for organizations. Tom is a true leader of our community in many ways. Listen as we talk to Tom about starting his business, overcoming the challenges in the beginning and even some still to this day, and his views on leadership & networking.

Making Mobile Apps a Reality

Tom Swip presents the challenges businesses should be aware of at the Weekly Whiteboard Webinar series at Venture Cafe.


“We invited Tom to speak for our group because of his thought leadership in technology. We wanted our members to learn how to use technology to increase efficiencies, reduce risk and increase the value of their businesses. Tom was spot on with the information he provided.”

Barry Gleeson
Business Coach & Advisor
Scaling Up Certified Growth Coach
The Kelsey Group

“I invited Tom to speak for to my Business Process Design class because of his years of applying technology to improve processes.  I want my students to understand how this happens across multiple companies.  Tom’s experience as a consultant, programmer, and business owner gave them a unique insight into technology and business processes.”

Mitch Millstein, Ph.D.
Professor of Supply Chain & Analytics, University of Missouri St. Louis
Founder and President, Supply Velocity, Inc.
Co-Founder, Optimal Velocity, LLC


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