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“You’re on Mute!” 

Key Technology Moments that Defined 2020 & Moved Us into the Future … Are You On Mute?

One of the phrases you never thought you would say or hear a thousand times in 2020 was “you’re on mute.” There are coffee mugs, t-shirts, and even face masks with the phrase emblazoned on them. 

It’s interesting how the pandemic not only changed the way we do business, but the language of business. 

We faced lots of challenges with the virus, but one of the biggest was the challenge of people not being familiar with the new tech they needed to use as part of an (unexpected) remote workforce.  Who would have thought that WFH (work from home) would have been a new, everyday term we now use!

Now, the question remains, with over nine months of virtual business, has your company kept up? Have you altered your offerings to meet the new (now, not so new) market demands?

This also begs the question … where else are you “on mute” in your business life? Is your business software outdated? Are your mobile apps out of date? Are YOU out of date? If your answer is Yes to any of these questions, this blog may come at the right time.

Virtual technology

Adopt the Right Technology in 2021 or Face Extinction

At the beginning of the lockdown, business owners, executives, and employees were not familiar with the new tech needed for the “unprecedented,” unexpected remote work environment. Many companies didn’t have a tech stack or mobile apps. They didn’t have the right business systems, communication platforms, or remote work tools in place. Scores of people did not have strong WiFi – or any WiFi – for that matter. 

As we transition into 2021, there are plenty of companies still struggling to find and adopt the most ideal technology solutions for their internal productivity, remote workforce, and best customer experience possible. Are you one of them?

Whether you like it or not, the world has changed … permanently. Just as the world changed after 9/11, the world is not going to go 100% back to where it was. If you’re waiting for that to happen, you’re going to be waiting a REALLY long time. This is a turning point in history.  If you haven’t already, it’s time to adapt … or face extinction. 

As a technology company, we understand the hurdles you face trying to implement organized, efficient business technology solutions. There is the learning curve, which equates to time – time to select, implement, train, troubleshoot, and ensure minimum risk is associated with every app and tool. But you don’t have to do it alone – Swip Systems can help you sort through the confusion, saving time, frustration, and ultimately, the costs associated with trying to sort it out on your own and falling behind.

Depending on how you look at it, being ‘forced’ to get on-board with business technology systems and automation is either a great thing or an inconvenience, but either way, it must be done to stay profitable, and for some, to simply stay in business.  

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Can Your Business be a Virtual Business?

Think your type of business can’t be done virtually? Think again! One of my colleague’s daughters attends her dance class completely online. He never would’ve considered enrolling her in an online dance class nine months ago. The idea would have been completely absurd at the time – but it’s working and working well. 

This type of business adaptation is the norm for the time being and, I believe, for the future. Who could’ve ever imagined “home premier” movie releases, virtual happy hours, curbside pickup at electronic and hardware stores, and private movie theater rentals? There are countless examples of companies and businesses that would never have thought about offering online and delivery options, but they were forced to think outside the box to become virtual or go out of business. 

If you haven’t come up with a permanent solution to what we thought was a temporary situation, and you’ve been just getting by, it’s time to reassess. The concept of borderless business is in full effect. In short, you can and must be able to conduct business from anywhere, with anyone

A great example of this comes from a Zoom call we had the other day with a person in upper Washington State who is building an off-the-grid home. She conducted the Zoom from the front seat of the van she’s living in while she completes her home. If that’s not “borderless business,” I don’t know what is!

It is a huge advantage to have on-demand, remote access to real-time information, schedules, tasks, production, internal contacts, and customer data, which keeps everyone in the loop for positive company culture and superior customer service. 

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The Bottom Line… Get “Off Mute” & Be Ready for 2021!

This is a call to action for 2021 for all of us to get our sh*t together in business, get off mute, and fix what’s not working. Implementing and maximizing business technology solutions is no longer an option – without these solutions, your business may not see the end of the year. 

It’s time to think about the next unexpected business challenge heading your way and ask yourself …

  • Where did my business experience bottlenecks in March and throughout the year?
  • How do I need to train or upgrade my workforce?
  • What technology would help with efficiency and communication?
  • How do I need to upgrade my tech for the next unexpected business challenge?
  • Will I survive in the now (not new) economy?
  • And ultimately … When is the next “pandemic” coming?

If you are someone who believes “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” I encourage you to think again.

As we start the new year, you have nothing to lose by reaching out to Swip Systems for some advice on how to move forward in the new virtual economy. Get off mute and let us help you brainstorm. It’s our mission to help other businesses use technology to prepare for the future and beyond! Contact us today.  877.377.SWIP 

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Tom established Swip Systems in 1995 and has been providing business automation, software development, web application, and mobile app solutions ever since. As a business owner himself, he’s aware of the challenges and what’s necessary to stay competitive, which is why he is on a mission to help business owners grow and maintain profitability through technology. Tom is also the founder of Midwest Manufacturing Leaders (MML) and a keynote speaker.

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