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ERP Software Consulting

We are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) specialists…

Need a better way to manage the information flow across your organization? We can help you find or build a more efficient ERP software system and sort through ERP vendors to save you time and money.

   Click here to download our 7 Best Practices for Finding & Implementing an ERP System!  

Build vs. Buy…

The decision to purchase an off-the-shelf system or create a custom solution depends on many different factors.

In most situations, purchasing an off-the-shelf-system can reduce risk, be implemented faster and cost less. The downside to this solution is the “one size fits all” approach, which may not work well for your business .

Some companies will benefit more from creating a custom ERP software solution. If your market differentiators help you stand out from your competition, your ERP system needs to encapsulate these differentiators.

Building a custom ERP solution may be the only way to stand out in your industry.

Our Proven Process…

At Swip Systems, we will help you choose the best ERP software system through our proven 8 Step Process.

We utilize process mapping to discuss the current state and work with you to create the future state of your processes, create a must-haves feature list along with a full requirements list, source ERP vendors in your industry vertical, conduct vendor interviews and do shallow and deep dive demos with your team.

We then help you narrow down the ERP vendor list through interview and demos, select a vendor and help you negotiate the contract with them.

We do the legwork for you, helping you avoid the pitfalls in selecting the best ERP software system for your business.

Our team has worked with companies of all sizes in many different industries – from startups to multi million dollar businesses.

It’s important to partner with a company that understands your business. You can rely on our expert analysis to choose the right ERP system to improve the overall quality and efficiency of your organization.

Swip Systems resolved the problems in our web application that was originally designed by an offshore company. I am now able to do things in my web app that I’ve been trying to get done for 5 years.

Debbie Chamberlain

Swip Systems restored our faith in customized software development solutions.

Renee Dyer - Information Systems Manager

Swip Systems transformed our two out-dated divisional software and network systems into a seamless and fully automated laboratory management system.

Joe Rizzo - V.P. Finance

Swip Systems has helped us enhance our long-term profitability. I am pleased to recommend Swip systems to anyone searching for cutting-edge technology that fulfills needs while saving time and money.

Dr. Tim Bertelsman - D.C., CCSP

Swip Systems brought us out of the dark ages by fully automating our production scheduling and inventory systems.

Mike Troin - VP Purchasing

Swip Systems greatly simplified our entire human resources management process.

Satisfied Plant Manager & Human Resources Manager

Enterprise resource planning success stories…

Read our Success Stories to learn how we helped just a few of our clients reach their goals.

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Contact our consultants today to discuss how we can improve or replace your ERP software system or help you sort through ERP Vendors.

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