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“Swip Systems brought us out of the dark ages by fully automating our production scheduling and inventory systems.” Mike Troin – VP Purchasing


Established in 1944, Semco Plastic Company, Inc., located in the St. Louis area, is a custom molder of plastic products. Semco specializes in custom injection and blow-molded thermoplastic and thermoset products. Semco’s modern 500,000 square foot plant rests on 17 acres and produces a variety of products 24 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week with press sizes ranging from 55 to 1760 tons.

Semco services many industries including Hardware, Medical, Electronics, Appliances, Automotive and Lawn and Garden. Semco’s plastic products can be found in nearly every home, patio or garage across America.


Semco Plastics utilized an ERP system to manage their facility. Semco experienced some challenges with their current ERP system and wanted to more fully automate their processes from quoting through shipping. Semco also wanted to increase the efficiency of their production operation and the accuracy of their inventory control and fully integrate their production and accounting processes.


injequipRepresentatives from Swip Systems met with managers at Semco, to discuss automating their manufacturing processes through implementation of the IQMS ERP system. The IQMS software directly addressed the goals of increasing the efficiency of their production scheduling, improving the accuracy of their inventory control and integrating their entire operation. The software also integrated wireless data collection devices to allow Semco to track their raw material and finished goods inventories in real time.

Our software engineers worked with Semco management to understand the IQMS software and how it integrated into Semco’s processes. This included understanding their needs for real-time production monitoring, wireless data collection, EDI implementation and the integration of Oracle into the environment.

During this same timeframe, our network engineers helped Semco implement the optimum wireless networking devices, data collection devices and thermal printers for the real-time inventory control functionality in IQMS. The equipment implemented was based on the planned usage and operating environment within their facilities.

Our network engineers also helped Semco architect and install their network infrastructure including a fiber optic backbone to interconnect the various areas of the plant and front office. Once the network was established, our engineers assisted with selection and implementation of the servers, networking components and network security devices necessary to establish the core of the network.

Once the infrastructure was in place, our network engineers worked with Semco to establish a disaster recovery strategy to protect their data and their investment. SSI also assisted Semco by providing network security services to protect their network against malicious attacks.

Semco continues to utilize our network administration services to help update and expand their network as their business grows.


The completed solution provided Semco Plastics with a flexible system capable of automating all of their plant floor, inventory, and front office activities. The system is designed to change and grow with the company’s needs. Semco continues to work with Swip Systems to maintain their software application and network infrastructure to meet their day-to-day business needs.

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