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We have created a casual work environment with a lot of autonomy. We are a values driven organization and pride ourselves on having a workplace with open communication and mutual respect. We exist to help other people.

We are a bunch of software geeks and engineers that have turned what we like to do into a thriving custom development business in St. Louis. Now, we are looking for project managers to help grow our organization by keeping the development team organized, on timeline, on task and on budget.

Project Manager Jobs in St. Louis Area

Your primary role as a project manager would be to join our development team to manage client projects and the developers on those projects, and add a valuable skill set to our organization.

You will be responsible for managing the thousands of details that make up each software project. We expect management of the highest quality possible. You will be working directly with our clients and development team to manage team members, deliverables, developer work assignments, timelines, beta testing and QA, issues, support requests, and budgets.

Project managers will be in regular communication with our clients to give them consistent updates on their software development projects. You will work directly with the owners, executive staff and our custom development team in St. Louis. Most hours will be between 8 am and 6 pm, but must be accessible at times after hours, with notice, when needed.

The Ideal Project Manager for Custom Development

If you are the right person for this job, you have the ability to…

  • Have a significant attention to detail
  • Have a relentless drive to see a set of tasks through to completion
  • Use your management skills to professionally manage a group of developers
  • Be a watchdog for the development team to spot problems before they happen
  • Thoroughly see a given development project all the way through
  • Not make excuses to miss deadlines and commitments
  • Rigorously hold developers accountable for their deliverables
  • Provide immediate feedback to clients’ requests so they know that they are well taken care of
  • Handle multiple projects at one time
  • Constantly review timelines, work in process, budgets, etc. to make sure projects stay on track
  • Hold firmly to established deadlines and commitments
  • Not take the easy road, but take the road that is needed to do an awesome job for the client
  • Be the “Steady Eddie” and work consistently to achieve a set of goals
  • Communicate effectively with the client and extract concepts and requirements
  • Concisely pass off a specific set of requirements to a developer
  • Respectfully manage and be a good steward of our clients’ project budgets
  • Assist developers with prioritizing tasks to allow them to stay in the zone
  • Not shift developers between tasks, to help them stay focused
  • Understand and lay out complex systems and the interrelations within those systems
  • Read a challenging situation and anticipate what needs to be done to make it a success
  • Take a small set of instructions, understand them and flesh them out into a full set of requirements
  • Be autonomous and have a “can do” attitude
  • Knock down all the balls, when too many balls are up in the air
  • Be incredibly reliable and do the things you say you will do
  • Be flexible and roll with the punches
  • Think fast on your feet and quickly adapt to the situation
  • Clean up a messy or disorganized workspace because you can’t stand it
  • Freak out when there are loose ends or when a job is left undone
  • Handle multiple tasks simultaneously without missing a thing
  • Never lose a thing and know exactly where everything belongs
  • Have an excellent sense of prioritization for what needs to get done first
  • Have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Take constructive criticism well so we can improve as a team and move on
  • Are comfortable in the Office 365 and Google suite of tools

The ideal person is someone that is driven to perform their job with the highest level of quality possible. They have prior experience in custom development firms & custom projects. They are also a fast learner that handles today’s technology as if they have been using it for years.

They have a “can do” attitude and can push projects through to completion. They have great customer service skills and know what is needed to make people feel comfortable and a part of the team or conversation.

This person is someone that is comfortable with themselves and knows exactly what is needed to get a job done with little or no direction. They understand the big picture of a custom development software project. The ideal applicant can take that experience to break down large projects into smaller consumable pieces for the web developers.

We need project managers that are very organized, with excellent attention to detail. They have great writing skills with a professional tone, good grammar and good spelling. They are usually the organizer in the crowd and people go to them to help out or lead.

If this is you, we look forward to meeting you and seeing what we can accomplish together! Please email your cover letter and resume to to be considered for our project manager jobs in the St. Louis area.

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