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Searching for Experienced Mobile & Web Developer Jobs?

We are seeking to fill web developer jobs in the St. Louis area with someone that will be an incredible asset. If after reading the position’s description you don’t feel you are over qualified, please do not apply. You can also explore other development & technology careers at Swip Systems

Swip Systems is looking for experienced software & web developers in the St. Louis area to create technology solutions for web and mobile application development. Ideal web developers are capable of using a variety of web development languages to build custom projects for clients.

We use many development tools and technologies, including Angular, C#, Node.js, VB.Net, Java, Objective C, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL, to name a few. We are looking for web developers in St. Louis with experience using most, or all of these development platforms. Applicants must also be in the St. Louis metro area as this job is with a software development firm in St. Louis.

Your primary role on our team would be to assist with customized development for client projects, while also augmenting the skill set of our organization. We are looking for experienced candidates who can add their relevant expertise to our development team.

Work Culture for Software Developers

Here at Swip Systems, we pride ourselves on open communication and mutual respect. Our Web Developers work in a casual environment with a lot of autonomy. Find out more about Swip Systems to see if you’re a good fit for this leading software development firm.

Swip System is made up of a bunch of software geeks, web developers and engineers that turned our passion into a thriving business. Web developers can expect a creative environment, with an emphasis on attention to detail & effectiveness.

We are a values-driven organization that exists to help other people through web development in the St. Louis area. Read our client success stories to get a feel for what kind of development work we do.

St. Louis Mobile & Web Developer Job Description

The ideal person is someone driven to perform their job with the highest level of quality possible. They understand clients’ businesses depend on the success of the web development projects. As such, they constantly seek ways to improve their knowledge and skill set.

We are seeking local web developers with great customer service skills. People who know how to make others feel comfortable and a part of the team or conversation. They have a “can do” attitude and can push projects through to completion. Ideal applicants are fast learners that handle today’s technology as if they have been using it for years. They must also be creative and have a great attention to detail.

Optimal candidates are searching for web developer jobs in the St. Louis area.

Ideal Qualities for Software Developers

If you are the right person for this job, you…

  • Write code of the highest quality
  • Have significant attention to detail
  • Understand and lay out complex systems and the interrelations within those systems
  • Thoroughly complete given development initiatives all the way through
  • Put yourself into the zone and focus to get code knocked out
  • Be the “Steady Eddie” and work consistently to achieve a set of goals
  • Take a small set of instructions, understand them and flesh them out into a full set of requirements
  • Communicate effectively with the client to extract concepts and requirements
  • Be comfortable with ego-less programming and not be afraid to ask for help
  • Work effectively alone or with a team
  • Not be over-competitive with team members
  • Have the willingness to learn and implement new technologies
  • Strive to work with the team to solve problems and reach goals
  • Know when to ask the right questions and not “spin your wheels” to find a solution to a problem
  • Be autonomous and have a “can do” attitude
  • Knock down all the balls, when too many balls are up in the air
  • Move between different coding languages easily
  • Handle multiple projects at one time
  • Be incredibly reliable, and do the things you say you will do
  • Be flexible and roll with the punches
  • Think fast on your feet and quickly adapt to the situation
  • Can’t stand loose ends or leaving a job undone
  • Prioritize what needs to get done first
  • Take constructive criticism well to facilitate improvement as a team
  • Are comfortable in the Office 365 and Google suite of tools

Web developer jobs work directly with the owners, executive staff and the development team. As such, most hours will be between 8 am and 5:30 pm, but you must have some accessibility after hours, with notice, when needed.

If our Web Developer job resonates with you, please email your cover letter & resume to

We look forward to meeting you and seeing what we can accomplish together here in the St. Louis area & beyond!

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