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24×7 Monitoring

Monitor Your Business Infrastructure 24×7

As your business systems become more critical to your success, it is imperative that you proactively monitor them. Ensure your systems are available when your users need them with 24×7 systems monitoring.

Get Your Network Infrastructure to the 9s…

In today’s connected world, it is crucial that network infrastructure monitoring is performed to guarantee system reliability for daily operations. Network component & network performance monitoring are vital to avoid oncoming problems and disasters.

At a minimum, your network infrastructure should be capable of high availability to the three 9s (99.9%) of up time. This equates to 8.76 hours of network downtime per year for planned maintenance. You should strive for four 9s (99.99%) of up time or 52.56 minutes per year for planned maintenance.

With all of the software systems that we build for our clients, we help select the right Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider and then implement our 24 x 7 monitoring software to keep a watchful eye on their critical systems.

Our team of network infrastructure engineers, coupled with our 24×7 Managed Service Provider (MSP) platform will get your business network to the 9s.

Break/Fix won’t Get You There…

System downtime means lost productivity, a stressed out workforce and upset customers. The old break/fix mentality does’t work any more.

With our 24×7 Managed Service Provider (MSP) network performance monitoring tools & platform, your systems notify us when there is a problem. Our monitoring agents report the health of your systems back to our engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In most cases, we have the problem diagnosed and fixed before you even know it exists.

Immediate Notifications of Critical Issues…

In the event a critical situation does arise, our network infrastructure engineers receive text messages to let them know a potential problem exists.

Critical network issues include imminent hard drive failures, memory and processor over-utilization, network over-utilization, site down, virus and threat detection, database problems and network backup failures.

Our network infrastructure engineers spring into action, review and combat the problem to ensure it does not negatively impact your business systems.

Monitoring is a Must…

Proactive monitoring is a critical component of your overall Infrastructure solution. Our team can help you get a handle on your IT processes and put you back in control with the best network monitoring tools.

See our Success Stories to hear how we helped our clients move from break/fix to proactive monitoring with the best network monitoring tools.

Contact us today to discuss your infrastructure monitoring needs.

Swip Systems resolved the problems in our web application that was originally designed by an offshore company. I am now able to do things in my web app that I’ve been trying to get done for 5 years.

Debbie Chamberlain

Swip Systems restored our faith in customized software development solutions.

Renee Dyer - Information Systems Manager

Swip Systems transformed our two out-dated divisional software and network systems into a seamless and fully automated laboratory management system.

Joe Rizzo - V.P. Finance

Swip Systems has helped us enhance our long-term profitability. I am pleased to recommend Swip systems to anyone searching for cutting-edge technology that fulfills needs while saving time and money.

Dr. Tim Bertelsman - D.C., CCSP

Swip Systems brought us out of the dark ages by fully automating our production scheduling and inventory systems.

Mike Troin - VP Purchasing

Swip Systems greatly simplified our entire human resources management process.

Satisfied Plant Manager & Human Resources Manager

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