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“Swip Systems has helped us enhance our long-term profitability. I am pleased to recommend Swip Systems to anyone searching for cutting-edge technology that fulfills needs while saving time and money.”  Dr. Tim Bertelsman – D.C., CCSP

Dr. Bertelsman’s Perspective

“A couple of years ago our office was studying methods to improve the efficiency of our documentation and transcription process. We spent many hours carefully evaluating the available products. None of the systems we looked at adequately fulfilled the criteria we envisioned. We decided to design our own system. We chose Swip Systems because of their reputation. The entire process was pleasant and we were very excited about the final product. The benefits of our new system have easily offset its cost.”


Premier Rehab (formerly known as Bertelsman Chiropractic) was established in 1991. Dr. Bertelsman’s practice specializes in advanced, effective pain relief for low back pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries and auto accidents. With specialized knowledge and a modern facility, Bertelsman Chiropractic is dedicated to finding a solution to relieving their patient’s pain.


Bertelsman Chiropractic utilized a dictation phone system and on-staff medical transcriptionists to document the treatment of their patients. Faced with expensive upgrades to their aging dictation phone system, Bertelsman Chiropractic needed to upgrade to a more current, flexible solution.

The practice required a system that would provide for storage of voice files and automate the retrieval of patient records. In addition, the system had to automate the current patient care process, be HIPAA compliant and scale with the growth of Dr. Bertelsman’s practice.


Software engineers from Swip Systems met with Dr. Bertelsman to discuss the particulars of the system that he wanted to implement. The meetings were targeted at collaborating to develop a new approach to patient record keeping in the medical industry.

Our customized software development engineers worked with Dr. Bertelsman to review the patient care process and determine ways in which the process could be automated. The review of the process resulted in the determination that the system would utilize recorded voice files to store dictations on a computer hard drive. The system would also implement barcoded patient charts and data collection devices to quickly access treatment history.

It was also determined that the system would integrate Microsoft® Word® to easily store and retrieve patient information, and provide advanced macro functionality to simplify the documentation of treatments. The system would also implement touchscreen functionality and an advanced microphone device to simplify how users would interact with the system.

These research and development efforts culminated in the Patient Notes software application.

During development, our engineers designed a network infrastructure to meet the current and future needs of Dr. Bertelsman’s practice. Our engineers selected and implemented the servers and infrastructure components to meet Dr. Bertelsman’s exact needs.

Our network administrators assisted Dr. Bertelsman’s staff with configuring the network and establishing a disaster planning and recovery strategy to protect their investment and patient data.

As a second phase of the project, Dr. Bertelsman wanted to enhance the software by adding voice recognition technology into the package.

Our software engineers researched the various voice recognition engines available on the market and integrated a medical vocabulary engine into the software application. The voice recognition technology allowed Dr. Bertelsman to dictate directly to the system, giving him the option of reducing costs associated with transcription services.


This solution helped Bertelsman Chiropractic take a leap forward in patient record keeping. Patient Notes streamlined Dr. Bertelsman’s patient care process and helped him to save time and organize his treatment history. The system also helped him improve his patient care and promote a professional image for his medical practice.

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