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Based in St. Louis, MO, Buse Industries is a leading manufacturer and distributor of wire and cable harness assemblies and related products. All across the world, these are used in a wide variety of industries such as in medical devices, commercial products, industrial equipment, telecommunications and datacom installations, and military equipment.


Managing a 60,000 square foot operation is no small task and requires a system and network that can be consistently relied upon. Buse had questions about their existing setup and got in touch with our team at Swip to find out what we could do to help them. We were happy to oblige and came in to perform an assessment. During the assessment, we found that their network needed an update and that their server room would benefit from a wiring and overall clean up. We also recommended a cabinet for organizational and security purposes.

Once the wiring was in order, we replaced many of their PC’s with newer, faster models with updated operating systems. To protect the network, we also installed a firewall and moved their backups to the cloud so they would have access to their data virtually.

After the PC updates were complete, Buse got back in touch with our engineers for assistance with their ERP system and vendor. We came in and looked at their existing ERP system, and found that it was lacking some areas that Buse could benefit from. We worked with their ERP vendor to develop a system to help automate more of their core processes.


The team at Buse Industries was able to rest easier knowing that they had the latest security and network components in place to protect their network and guarantee uptime. We continue to work with them to help with ongoing planning and network administration.

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