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In the legal world, having fast access to legal data is crucial. That’s what the Central Records Depository (CRD) provides. CRD securely stores massive amounts of litigation paperwork, offering lawyers and legal professionals access to their archives. They are a court-appointed organization that has been in business for over 20 years, specializing in data storage pertaining to cases of asbestos litigation involving mesothelioma.


Previously, lawyers who needed a specific document from CRD would have to submit a paper request for the information. CRD would burn the documents to a CD and mail it, or provide a download link for the zip files. Since the process was cumbersome and took a considerable amount of time, CRD wanted to implement an approach that would speed up the process for both sides. That’s where our team at Swip Systems stepped in.


First, we met with CRD to strategize ways we could automate the process of providing the legal documents to the law firms. From there, we designed a customized web solution that integrated seamlessly with the Central Records Depository document management system and provided access to the documents from their secure private cloud.

The solution provided a customized portal for legal firms to set up and manage their accounts, retrieve documents and track billing by case, all available 24/7.

After the system went live, we brought in the legal teams and trained them on the new system, to make sure they could start using the new site right away. As a result, the legal teams immediately began using the new streamlined system and CRD started seeing an immediate return on their investment.

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