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Custom Web Application for Scheduling & New Database

Child Care Aware® of Missouri is a 501(c)(3) that delivers services focused on the improvement of a child’s experiences and environment in their first two-thousand days. As part of its mission, CCA of Missouri provides resources for many, including multiple online continuing ed, training, and new educational opportunities.

Given the vast scope and reach of those educational programs, the team recognized the need to improve their custom statewide scheduling system and app functionality for a better user experience for both enrollees and CCA personnel.

Child Care Aware also had other future mission-critical software initiatives that required a solid app development partner. Therefore, they reached out to Swip Systems to upgrade the web application, move the organization forward with newer technology, and avoid technical debt.

The Challenge … Help the Organization Move Forward with Newer Technology

Child Care Aware of Missouri had a scheduling and calendar challenge. The organization’s web application was aging and a little confusing with the potential for unwanted risk. Additionally, the team only had a single developer supporting the application.

When the organization’s team contacted Swip Systems’ software engineers, after a short discovery period, it was determined that their web application was written in an older software programming language with an older database backend that needed upgrading to the latest version of a different database backend. The newest code would need to support and maintain critical business processes and app functionality going forward.

Our goal was to move the organization forward with newer, more flexible technology that could help CCA sustain growth, provide an efficient, simplified user experience, and become even more secure than before – newer technologies result in better security. We then proceeded with custom software development services to rebuild the entire web application.

Team looking at a laptop with coding

The Solution … Evolving Digital Solutions with New Coding Languages

The solution to Child Care Aware of Missouri’s scheduling issues was to rebuild the system in newer coding languages and upgrade the data to a newer database system with the most current technology.

The new programming languages would open the door for evolving digital solutions, improve security, maintain the critical line of web apps, enhance technology culture, and reduce risk. Just as importantly, the updates would also provide easier access, a better user interface (UI), and an improved overall user experience (UX).

Swip Systems also assisted with a new scholarship project initiative which included an Application Programmers Interface (API) and worked alongside the organization’s hardware and infrastructure provider to establish a Cloud platform to host both software systems. The project included initiatives to…

  • Update the web application to the latest coding/programming languages
  • Create a better user experience (UX) and user interface (UI)
  • Upgrade software and heighten security
  • Develop software capable of progressing with evolving digital solutions
  • Assist with a new project that included an API
  • Establish a Cloud platform to host their software systems

Prioritizing user capabilities and satisfaction by creating a streamlined, enjoyable UI/UX that simplifies complex information, helps organizations meet their sales or, in this case, enrollment goals, and keep their brand top-of-mind.

Woman looking at a calendar on a laptop

The Result … Updated & Upgraded Web Applications for Improved Efficiency & Reduced Risk

Today, Child Care Aware of Missouri has web applications with new life. Self-scheduling is straightforward, internal processes are more transparent, and going forward, enhancements and new features can easily be added. Upgrading to the latest automation and programming language and creating custom app features with a UI/UX focus renewed business processes, created scalability, and optimized end-user outcomes.

Upgraded Web Application Provides Superior Customer Accessibility

CCA realized the following benefits of updating and upgrading its custom business software, web applications, and coding languages:

  • Optimized end-user outcomes
  • Renewed business processes
  • Created stability
  • Reduced risk
  • Increased security
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Provided better training insight
  • Resulted in more satisfied users
  • Expanded scalability

African American woman with friends using laptop

Do Your Organization’s Web Apps Need Better Functionality?

Coding and programming language upgrades for web applications are essential for them to run efficiently and securely, without technical debt, and to provide an exemplary customer experience.

To get the latest software updates, upgrades, and custom features to improve your organization’s app functionality, it’s most efficient to work with an external team that provides custom software development services.

Just as we did for Child Care Aware of Missouri, Swip Systems’ custom web application development services, for both legacy systems and new software, can help your organization maintain critical lines of software so you can grow.

If you think you need to upgrade technology and automation, contact us today, and let’s brainstorm. We love helping non-profits and for-profit companies understand technology and how it can improve their bottom line. 877.377.SWIP

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