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In the wild west, there was a saying people used when dealing with challenging situations. They’d say you have to cowboy up or pony up! That’s exactly how got their start—they were a team of experienced chiropractic doctors who became inspired after hearing a motivational message from a chiropractic leader in their field, Dr. David Flatt. Dr. Flatt was recalling a story about a bumper sticker he saw that read, “Are you going to Cowboy Up… or just lay there and bleed?”

After hearing this, they wanted to build a dedicated resource for chiropractic professionals, giving them the power to access a wealth of information and best practices on demand. This, in turn, would allow chiropractic professionals to better manage treatment with their patients, and more efficiently run their practice.


Prior to, there wasn’t a dedicated online knowledge base for chiropractors. If a chiropractor needed something like the latest information on a treatment or an exercise plan, they had to either create it from scratch or do research to find the information they needed from multiple sources. That’s when the doctors at got in touch with our web development professionals at Swip Systems.


We created a custom-built portal for, featuring a private cloud that would allow them to manage and collect information whenever they wanted. Everything from exercise plans, treatment plans, videos, and diagnostic plans from which to prescribe treatment plans would become available for chiropractic professionals to easily access. Because the site was built on a subscription-based model, we also implemented network security features to ensure that data was only being accessed by authorized individuals.

Some of the specific features we included in the portal were:

  • An administrative site to allow for complete setup of all features in the system.
  • A site for patients to log on and view treatment plans their chiropractor prescribed them.
  • Business plan and marketing plan templates for chiropractors to use.
  • An online forum for chiropractors to access and share information with each other.
  • System integration of all of ChiroUp’s Youtube channel. We were able to link the videos directly to the correct treatment plans in our system.

Our team at Swip helped them seamlessly share and integrate all of their knowledge and best practices into a complete online resource for chiropractors. officially had their product launch in 2014. Customer response has been incredibly positive!

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