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Meet Gatewood Wealth Solutions: A Mighty Team with Big Ambitions

Gatewood Wealth Solutions is not your average financial advisory team. Committed to helping clients work towards financial freedom, helping families manage their finances, and empowering them to live their desired lives while leaving a lasting legacy, Gatewood stands out in a crowded market. The journey to financial freedom can be challenging, but Gatewood walks alongside its clients, providing guidance and support. With an eye on future growth and streamlined operations, Gatewood turned to Swip Systems, a valued partner in technology solutions, to help them achieve their goals.

Gatewood Wealth Solutions is a team of dedicated fiduciary financial advisors who are passionate about helping clients pursue their financial goals. They have grand plans for growth and expansion. Their commitment to providing top-notch service led them to seek an alternative financial CRM solution that could serve as the growth hub for their core business operations.

The Search for the Perfect Solution

As Gatewood explored options for a new financial CRM solution, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) recommended Swip Systems, a St. Louis-based technology firm with a track record of success. Swip applied its unique “Build, Buy, or Both” methodology to the engagement, seeking to determine the ideal solution for Gatewood’s specific needs.

“We’re challenging the status quo in our industry. So much of what’s out there is cookie-cutter and filled with buzzwords. It’s all designed for ‘the average rep,’ but we refuse to settle for average. Our mission is to deliver exceptional service tailored to each client’s individual goals. Instead of making our clients fit into technology, we’re crafting technology around them. We’ve recognized the need for a more robust system that embraces customization to truly serve our unique clients.” CEO Gatewood Wealth

The Challenge: Outgrowing the Current System

Gatewood initially grew its business upon a leading CRM system. However, as their company and client base expanded along with their foresight for growth, it became evident that the system could no longer meet their needs. They required more of an enterprise level financial CRM solution that would streamline operations and provide a platform for the firm to scale. It was clear that professional technology guidance was needed to successfully navigate the complex road of selecting and implementing a new financial CRM.

The Solution: Swip’s 8 Step Software Selection Process

Through collaboration with Gatewood, Swip recommended their software selection services to assist Gatewood in finding the right CRM solution. They employed their signature 8 Step Software Selection process, a methodology refined since 2010, to guide Gatewood through the selection and implementation journey:

  1. Project Planning
  2. Process Discovery and Interviews
  3. Discovery Findings and Core Feature List Creation
  4. Discovery Findings and Core Feature List Review
  5. Next Steps Planning
  6. Next Steps Execution
  7. Process Preparation
  8. ERP (or Software) Implementation

Swip uses this 8 Step process for both software and ERP selection. Because Gatewood was seeking a solution that ‘did it all’ and had room for their current and future growth, our ERP / Software Selection process was perfect for them.

Collaborative selection was a game-changer for us. Most of the old systems we used tracked metrics that were out of sync with our clients’ needs. Now, with our new system, we have the capability to create dashboards and generate reports that truly reflect our service model. We’ve entered a phase of constant improvement, continuously refining and adapting our systems to stay in sync with the ever-changing industry and the dynamic world we all operate in.” CEO Gatewood Wealth

The Impact: Efficiency and Client-Centric Service

Thanks to Swip’s expertise, Gatewood identified a financial services CRM built on industry-leading technology. The impact on their business will be substantial:

  • Streamlined Onboarding: Gatewood will experience increased fluidity in customer onboarding and client care processes.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: The new CRM will improve the efficiency of handling client relationships, requests, and investments.
  • Access to Data: Gatewood can now enjoy better access to client data both onsite and offsite.
  • Data Accuracy: The CRM will serve as a single source of truth for client data, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Improved Communication: Both client communication and internal processes will be enhanced.

The Road Ahead: A 5-Year Technology Plan

With the CRM selected and implementation underway, Swip is collaborating with Gatewood to develop a 5-year technology plan. This roadmap will help Gatewood choose or build additional solutions to further enhance their technology stack.

The partnership between Gatewood Wealth Solutions and Swip Systems exemplifies the transformative power of technology in the financial advisory industry. As Gatewood continues to grow and serve its clients with excellence, the technology solutions provided by Swip will play a pivotal role in their success. If you’re considering technology solutions for your business or organization, just as Gatewood has, Swip Systems’ expertise can help you meet your objectives and improve your bottom line. Contact Swip Systems today for a no-obligation conversation and discover how technology can change the trajectory of your organization. Call 877.377.SWIP to get started.

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