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Is there a price for reliable security? We live in an age where protecting our loved ones, as well as our property, is becoming easier and more affordable, thanks to technology. One such way is with video surveillance. The makers of Guardzilla had an idea: what if you could combine a surveillance camera with mobile phone technology, giving renters, roommates, business owners and homeowners the ability to instantly monitor their apartments, roommates, businesses, kids, pets and property, all with a $99.99 price tag?

To move forward with this, the Guardzilla team reached out to Swip Systems to ask about getting a mobile application built.


The biggest challenge with bringing this idea to life was the communication with the camera hardware. Overcoming this would enable certain core features of their product, such as the ability to monitor live feeds from a smartphone and receiving alerts when motion is detected by a camera.

In making this app, our team had a clear goal:  get the app to work with the firmware of the device. We set out to build a cloud service that would allow the mobile application to talk to the camera no matter where the user was, anywhere in the world.  Our team worked to build a seamless solution that allows a user to set up their camera and Cloud service and access the myriad of features Guardzilla offers, all from their phone.


Through our custom application development and mobile development services, we were able to develop a user-friendly and cost-effective solution to monitor apartments, dorms, homes, and businesses. We integrated the communication between the mobile app and the camera hardware using the cloud service to ensure that the live feeds and alerts were accessible anywhere across the globe.

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Contact Us to Learn More

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