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Helicopters, Inc. specializes in the designing, building, and leasing of news gathering helicopters for television and radio stations. The company was founded in 1981 and is based in Cahokia, Illinois.


Flying and maintaining helicopters involves many days to day operations. For Helicopters, Inc., this includes management of critical information that requires frequent updates. The company needed a system for accurate and timely updates so flights can take off when scheduled and overall operations can be easily managed. The pilots needed a way to enter their flight manifest information and keep informed of the latest updates.

Access to daily maintenance information was another important need. The challenge was the management of and access to this key information so that pilots could stick to operational schedules. They needed a supporting flight manifest system with mobile components.


Swip Systems helped with web and mobile application development services connecting people to the information they need. Our engineers worked with the team at Helicopters, Inc. to learn about their current systems to provide support, enhancements, and updates. Easy to access flight manifests and maintenance information logs are now up and running.

As a result, Helicopters, Inc. can continue flying and supporting customers. The pilots are safe and the public is kept up to date with on the scene details. This is primarily done with a mobile app for pilots to enter their flight information-manifest. Additionally, we helped with their cloud technologies to ensure their information is stored securely and their data is kept safe.

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