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Superior Customer Satisfaction with RPA & BPA

HITS Scanning Solutions is a coast-to-coast document scanning and conversion company and a leader in the document management industry. What makes HITS a leader? In addition to its user-friendly and highly secure document management services, the company works to persistently fine-tune and upgrade its technology offerings.

By working with Swip Systems to implement the latest in Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Business Process Automation (BPA) and other systems, HITS exceeds compliance requirements, provides superior customer accessibility, and benefits from superior customer satisfaction.

The Goal: To improve overall customer experience in scanning, indexing, document tracking, converting documents into various file formats, easy accessibility, and secure destruction. The Solution: Continue to enhance every single step of the process with the latest digital solutions.

The Benefits of Upgrading & Fine-Tuning Automation

Swip Systems works with the HITS development team to provide systems upgrades and integrations, RPA and custom bolt-on products that bridge the gap between old technology and new, BPA, web app development, and Cloud solutions.

HITS also developed a family of in-house document tracking web applications that allows for accurate cataloging of all documents during the conversion process.

This family of automated solutions allows for a warehouse full of paper documents to be scanned, indexed, converted, and housed confidentially for easy access. Other advanced capabilities include …

  • A proprietary client portal for secure online file access that can be viewed in a browser (vs. on a CD).
  • The ability to scan multiple documents in different platforms, i.e., paper, blueprints, monitoring strips, microfilm/microfiche/Aperture Cards.
  • Continuous quality control checks.
  • The capacity for massive data migrations.
  • Secure, certified, documented, trackable document destruction/recycling.

As a document management solution for larger corporations, utilizing innovative technology is the key to their success. Staying current with industry regulations and customer needs means regularly updating and redesigning systems for the utmost safety, security, confidentiality, and customer experience.

Imagine a warehouse full of paper hospital records. Now imagine scanning the documents, organizing and filing them digitally, then making whatever detail a hospital staff member may need, accessible in an instant. That’s what the right automation can do.

An Unexpected Upshot of Document Management

HITS is best known for its exceptional document management services, but the noble result of what they do makes the Swip Systems team extra proud to be part of their supplier network.

By using technology to scan massive amounts of paperwork for hospitals, governments, banks, and other large corporations, so far, they have saved the equivalent of 10,000 trees. Additionally, after the scanning process, HITS recycles the original documents at no cost to customers, thus keeping over one billion documents out of landfills.

This unexpected upshot is something many companies don’t think about when it comes to massive amounts of paperwork that could be managed and accessed digitally.

Evolving Digital Solutions

HITS continues to take scanning and document management to the next level by upgrading and redesigning RPA and BPA, continuing web application development, and utilizing a one-of-a-kind Cloud-based solution that, when combined, positively impacts their internal processes and their clients.

Swip Systems is honored to assist HITS with their evolving digital needs as they continue to maximize efficiency and enhance user experience. If you think automation and upgraded technology could make your company more efficient and produce higher customer satisfaction, contact us today and let’s brainstorm. We love helping companies understand technology and how it can improve the bottom line. 877.377.SWIP

Contact Us to Learn More

Contact Us to Learn More

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