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“Swip Systems greatly simplified our entire human resources management process.” Satisfied Plant Manager & Human Resources Manager


Founded in 1917, Lear Seating Corporation, located in the greater St. Louis area, is a division of the world’s largest automotive interior systems supplier. The parent company serves all of the world’s major automakers. Their components can be found in over 300 vehicles around the world. Lear was recently named as America’s Most Admired Company in the Motor Vehicle Parts industry in Fortune® magazine’s annual survey of corporate reputations.


Lear utilized a manual human resources tracking system to manage all of the information about their workforce. Although the system was effective, the company wanted to automate the system to simplify tracking and retrievability of information. In addition, the company wanted to implement functionality that would simplify reporting for various aspects of the human resources department.


Representatives from Swip Systems met with the managers in charge of the project to discuss automating their human resources processes through the creation of the Time and Resource Administrator (TRAXX) software. The TRAXX software addressed the immediate needs of the organization and provided additional functionality that would further streamline their current processes.

Our software engineers worked with the managers to learn the specifics of the human resources management processes within the organization. Our engineers also provided integration services to facilitate exporting human resources information to the company’s existing payroll service.

While the software customizations were under way, our network administrators assisted the company’s information technology personnel with the correct placement of the system within the network to ensure the greatest accessibility.


In just a few months, Lear’s human resources staff was trained on the system and the customized system was fully implemented and operational. This solution provided Lear with a flexible, scalable, streamlined method of maintaining all of their human resources information.

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