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Improved Quality, Safety, Compliance, & Customer Solutions

Marsh Rail Car Services, Inc., has grown and expanded to become a leader in rail car valve repair with over 40 years of expertise and innovation. To improve every single step of their repair and maintenance process and continue to set the standards for compliance, quality, service, safety, and customer solutions, they have implemented smart technology and business process automation systems.

With the help of Swip Systems, Marsh Rail Car Services has realized the incredible benefits of business process automation (BPA), robotics process automation (RPA), and network infrastructure improvements, and is once again, positively impacting the industry as a whole.

The stakes for rail car valve maintenance are high – one failure can have serious consequences. That’s why Marsh Rail Car, with the help of Swip Systems, created the Valve Asset Management Solution (VAMS), for a predictive approach to valve maintenance and service intervals and the safety of all involved.

A Little History

Marsh Rail Car Services’ industry standing, certifications, and capabilities are impressive. They are an AAR class C5 facility and maintain M-1002 and M-1003 certifications. Their technicians are NDT certified to ASNT and AAR standards. All repaired and tested valves are backed with a quality of workmanship warranty for 2 years or longer. They recondition and test all valves to their own written procedures, manufacturers’ guidelines, strict quality control measures, and customer-specific requirements.

Why is this important? Because the significance of each valve being in perfect working order is critical to each rail car and every person, place, and organization in the proximity of every rail car. Safety is imperative. With a totally automated repair and maintenance process, each valve has a traceable history and is handled with the utmost precision and efficiency until it is back on the intended rail car. Nothing can outweigh automation for this type of process and the safety it offers.

The Benefits of Automating Processes

The Marsh Rail Car Services’ executive team recognized the need for business process automation and technological systems to replace their manual processes and paper documentation systems. Swip Systems worked with their company to automate manual sorting and tagging systems, inventory processes, historical traceability, testing specs, valve repair, and maintenance tracking, and more.

Once our team created a custom software program and configured their data into a usable format and database, we organized and compiled the information into a cloud-based solution that provides up to date information on every valve, its progress, and history. Now everyone in the company can easily see and exchange data via tablets and follow each valve in the process, and customers can log in and track their valves just like tracking a package.

Implementation of cyber-physical systems, cloud and cognitive computing, BPA, RBA, web and mobile applications, and data accessibility now maximize process efficiency with less waste. The end result is a technology system called the Valve Asset Management Solution.

VAMS captures data that includes:

  • Valve asset data including pre-test and multiple final test results
  • Historical data for valve asset
  • The current condition of valve asset and its components
  • Real-time diagnostics, process tracking, and report generation
  • Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) assessing the probability of valve asset failure

Wrapping It All Up

Marsh Rail Car Services now has a totally automated Valve Asset Management Solution (VAMS), offering a predictive approach to valve maintenance and service intervals, and, once again, leads the industry in compliance, quality, service, safety, and customer solutions.

More insight, less risk, reproducible processes, increased efficiencies and safety protocols; solid updated tech, superior regulatory compliance, and a customer-centered approach all add up to predictable, measurable outcomes and growth. We are proud to have partnered with this forward-thinking company that does such important work and love to see our valued clients increase their bottom lines with technology.

Our goal is to help businesses succeed and grow and erase the stigma that technology is intimidating, difficult, and expensive. If you have any questions about this topic, we’re here for you – please feel free to contact us anytime877.377.SWIP

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