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Meeting Professionals InternationalFounded in 1972, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is built on the belief that meeting and event planners serve a critical role in the success of a business. To better serve those individuals, MPI gives its members the very best in professional development, along with business opportunities and a vibrant industry community to share wisdom with. For example, MPI members can find resources to help them in acquiring locations for events, equipment for events, and so forth. To this day, they’ve got over 18,500 members, representing 86 countries from 70 clubs & chapters.


The user’s needs change over time, and MPI realized that the CMS they were using needed to be upgraded to take advantage of new features available in the latest version. They were using a popular CMS and wanted help in properly updating it. That’s when our web development professionals at Swip Systems were contacted to assist in the upgrade!


We assessed the project, and broke it down into two components that needed to be done:

  1. Update code in the backend to meet the requirements of the standards in the new CMS.
  2. Create and secured a test environment at MPI’s data center while the upgrade was being performed.

Building the test environment allowed MPI to analyze the features of the upgrade as it was progressing. We worked closely with their development team to provide a smooth network administration process, ensuring communication could be consistent across the board. Having additional resources in the form of bandwidth and our team of developers helped out MPI immensely in getting the upgrade completed in a reasonable time frame.

Once complete, the upgrade allowed their members to take advantage of the newest features of the CMS, and it made the site more accessible and easier to use!

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When it comes to the cost of custom software development or designing and building custom mobile apps and custom web applications, the devil is in the details. Simply put, the more the app needs to do, the longer it takes to build.

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