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You may know them as the St. Louis Bread Co., but to the rest of the country, they are simply Panera Bread. Step into just about any corporate meeting or office around the country and you’re likely to see a box of their signature bagels and cream cheese. The chain of bagels, sandwiches, and bakery items started on the east coast in 1981 as Au Bon Pain Co. They purchased the Saint Louis Bread Company in the early 90’s when they were merely a local chain of cafes. Today, they’re one of the largest bakery chains in the nation, with over 1,880 stores!


One thing Panera is known for is innovating with new food and drink items. Their menu rotates, and with so many cafes to manage, they needed a better way to automate the process of pushing pricing changes to their 1800+ locations. Their team wanted to simplify the process of changing the cost of menu items, and they weren’t seeing the results they wanted with their old process. To solve this, Panera reached out to us at Swip Systems to help them customize an existing application to deliver the features needed.

We had an engineer work with their team to figure out their requirements, work with the system they selected, and then modify the system to be able to push the data down efficiently.


Panera was happy with the development work of the project and being able to see the features they wanted then translated into a more streamlined functionality!

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Contact Us to Learn More

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