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Trident FundingTrident Funding was founded in 1996 by three seasoned boat-loan professionals. The company set out to help boating enthusiasts find the financing needed to pursue their passion. As the largest, independently owned domestic boat and yacht loan origination company in the US, they work with a long list of banks to ensure customers receive the best rates and terms for their “dreamboat.”

This high volume of clients meant Trident Funding needed to automate their processes to maintain professionalism and increase productivity.

Trident has maintained an excellent reputation through both good economic times and downturns, maintaining this level of respect integrity from their ability to represent customers fairly and objectively to prospective lenders.


One thing Trident Funding is known for is their professionalism in helping customers obtain boat loans. An important piece of this process is to ensure that each loan request is handled in an office by a professional. In order to do this, Trident needed to automate some of their processes to spend less time on paperwork and more time providing that personalized experience for their customers.

We had an engineer work with their team to figure out their requirements and create a custom solution to best fit their needs.


The team at Trident was happy with the development work of the project. Being able to streamline certain features translated into time spent with customers as quality clients and fellow boat lovers.

Contact Us to Learn More

Contact Us to Learn More

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