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In the mood for a glass of cabernet sauvignon from Bordeaux? is a widely recognized brand that provides customers with all the fine wine and wine-related accessories they could need. It’s like having the wisdom of expert vintners from Napa Valley at your fingertips. WineTasting sells wines from all over the world, and also provide office or home delivery for customers nationwide.

When they wanted to branch off from their parent company and become their own business,  WineTasting faced tons of technology logistics, communication needs and piles of paperwork.


They wanted to continue focusing on their wine, not all the paperwork or digital data that would be needed to become their own entity. Fortunately, our team has a great deal of experience when it comes to helping businesses solve the technical challenges associated with buying and selling companies.

To accomplish this task, we needed to gain access to everything they were using: their website, social media profiles, email accounts, as well as backend services that handle fulfillment of orders. This all had to be separated from their parent company so that WineTasting would have sole control of all of their intellectual assets and online accounts.

We also had to go through and look at the network equipment that WineTasting would now need since they no longer had access to the tools provided by their former company. We helped them find the right firewall equipment, components for their phone system, as well as a server. Then, we reconfigured their switches and aided them in finding a new internet service provider that would meet the needs of their team. We took care of their networking solutions so that they could quickly get back into the business.


We were able to successfully separate all of the data from WineTasting and their parent company, allowing WineTasting to get their operations back up and running in a timely and efficient manner.

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