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Meet Express Medical: A Leader in Medical Supplies

Express Medical is a distinguished provider in the medical supplies industry, dedicated to delivering top-notch, reliable, and accessible medical products to a wide range of customers. With a mission to enhance the quality of life for their clients, Express Medical offers an extensive selection of medical supplies through their convenient website. Recognizing the need for an enhanced digital presence to better serve its customers and expand its reach, Express Medical sought the expertise of Swip Systems to elevate its e-commerce platform.

Express Medical is a team of professionals committed to providing exceptional service and support to individuals, healthcare professionals, and institutions in need of quality medical supplies. Their vision for growth and superior customer service led them to explore advanced solutions for their e-commerce platform.

The Search for a Sophisticated Solution

Faced with challenges on the open-source e-commerce platform they were using and the absence of development support, Express Medical was at a crossroads. They needed to decide whether to upgrade their existing platform or transition to a new solution. The end goal – to accommodate their growth and provide a more intuitive shopping experience for their customers. 

“The development company we had been using was in over their heads and had become non-responsive to our needs. We arrived at Swip Systems with a bit of a disaster.  Even though the platform we are using was newer to Swip Systems the team was able to get on top of our biggest problems and many smaller ones. It’s very reassuring to have Swip Systems in our toolbox.” – Mary Nussbaum, Data Manager, Express Medical.

The Challenge: Enhancing the E-commerce Experience

Express Medical’s ambition to revisit its e-commerce platform was driven by the need for a system that could support custom integrations, improve user experience (UI/UX), and offer robust search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. Though they were experiencing a trifecta of challenges including managing risk associated with a possible system migration and the need for a platform that could provide a more tailored shopping experience to their diverse customer base, the biggest challenge they were looking to solve was the absence of ongoing development and technical support. 

The Solution: Swip’s E-commerce Strategy

Swip Systems employed its expertise to address Express Medical’s challenges through a multi-faceted approach:

  1. Cloud Migration: Transitioning Express Medical to a more reliable cloud infrastructure to ensure better performance and data security. The new platform is designed for scalability, allowing for easy updates and enhancements to meet future demands.
  2. Custom Web Development: Revamping the e-commerce platform with custom integrations and features to enhance functionality and user experience. The revamped platform offers an intuitive shopping experience, making it easier for customers to find and purchase products.
  3. SEO and UI/UX Optimization: Implementing SEO strategies within the e-commerce platform and tweaking the website to offer a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. The implementation of strategic SEO has improved the platform’s visibility, attracting more customers and driving sales.
  4. Software Evaluation: Reviewing the enhancements that could be made to the existing e-commerce platform alongside researching and reviewing new platforms that Express Medical was considering. The approach allowed Express Medical to leverage their existing investment to increase customer engagement AND gave them time to make a final decision on which platform will best suit their long term needs. 
  5. Ongoing Support and Collaboration: Providing continuous support and working closely with Express Medical’s marketing team to align the e-commerce platform with their business goals.  With the technical aspects of the e-commerce platform managed by Swip Systems, Express Medical can concentrate on business growth and customer service.

The Road Ahead: Continued Excellence and Expansion

With the e-commerce platform enhancements successfully implemented, Swip Systems will continue to support Express Medical in their journey towards digital excellence. Future plans include additional enhancements to the current platform, continuing to look at new platforms, and exploring new technologies to keep Express Medical at the forefront of the medical supplies industry.

The partnership between Express Medical and Swip Systems exemplifies the transformative impact of strategically evaluating technology solutions related to business growth and customer satisfaction. As Express Medical continues to thrive and expand its reach, the support and expertise of Swip Systems will remain a cornerstone to success. If your business is facing similar challenges, or your projects are just not moving fast enough, Swip Systems is ready to help you navigate the digital landscape and achieve your goals. Contact us today at 877.377.SWIP to discuss how we can support your business’s growth and digital transformation.

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