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CleanClean Uniform is a professional uniform cleaning solution that is in its 3rd generation of family ownership since it started in 1938. They are one of the largest independent industrial launderers in the nation. They got their start and grew their success as a uniform rental cleaning and delivery service. This success has led them to launch additional garment and linen programs including an HLAC-certified healthcare laundry facility.


As you could expect with any delivery service, the driver has a lot of tasks to take care of each day. Many of these tasks would be planned in the morning, then had to be remembered throughout the day and reported and the end of the workday. When the drivers already have so much on their plate, this can be a lot to remember. Clean needed an electronic method to help their drives stay on top of the day to day and communicate electronically with the main computers. They needed a mobile development partner. 


The Clean team is happy with the solution Swip Systems was able to create through a combination of business process automation services and custom and mobile app development. The delivery drivers are better able to keep track of their day and communicate information easily with the main office.

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Contact Us to Learn More

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