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Business Process Automation, with Custom Mobile & Web Apps Provide Task Management & Instant Communication

Clean UniformCLEAN is a professional service organization that specializes in uniform cleaning solutions, healthcare apparel and linens cleaning, facility and restroom services, safety apparel and customer apparel. 

What began as CLEAN Coverall Supply Co. in St. Louis in 1938, has evolved into a third-generation, comprehensive uniforms and facility service program for any industry. Now, CLEAN is one of the largest independent industrial launderers in the nation with an array of garment and linen programs, including an HLAC-certified healthcare laundry facility, restroom supplies, custom apparel, and more.

As you would expect with any delivery service, CLEAN’s drivers have a lot of daily tasks to manage. Before they reached out to Swip Systems, these tasks were manually planned in the morning, remembered throughout the day, then manually reported at the end of the workday.

Man using hand cart to deliver something

The Challenge ‒ Automate Delivery Drivers’ Tasks via a Mobile App

As the business grew, CLEAN’s leadership team realized they needed an automated, tech-savvy way to help their drivers stay on top of their day-to-day tasks and communicate electronically with the main office throughout the day, not just at the end of the work day. They needed a mobile app development partner to make their vision come to life and contacted Swip Systems. 

The Solution ‒ Task Tracking via Custom Mobile App

The Swip team met with CLEAN’s IT department to learn about their current task-tracking processes. Our developers then worked with CLEAN’s IT folks to design and develop a custom mobile app that would allow drivers to manage their days.

When the design phase was complete, the Swip team went to work on building out the mobile app, collaborating on an API for backend web functionality, getting it into the hands of drivers to test, and then implementing suggested tweaks and changes to get to a fully functioning, responsive mobile app.

Delivery driver showing us an iPad

The Result ‒ Delivery Drivers Use Mobile App for Greater Efficiency & Customer Care

Now, with the custom mobile app on CLEAN delivery driver’s devices, there are no more barriers to efficiency. They easily track their daily responsibilities and communicate through automation with the main office, thereby reducing driver frustration and business risk, and creating a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The CLEAN team is now thriving with the technology solutions Swip Systems designed, developed, and implemented through a combination of business process automation services and custom mobile app development

Benefits of Mobile Apps for Field Service Teams 

Mobile apps for field service teams and delivery drivers:

  • Reduce worker frustration
  • Easily track tasks and follow-ups
  • Reduce backtracking
  • Keep management informed on progress
  • Help increase customer satisfaction

Increase Business Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction with a Mobile App

Just like CLEAN, your employees are waiting for you to create a mobile app that makes their jobs easier so they can provide the best customer service around. With competition growing stronger, there’s no room for the other guy to get there first. 

If you have a mobile app idea or you’re struggling with what needs automating, contact us today to discuss the possibilities, with no obligation. We love to help businesses grow with technology. 877.377.SWIP

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Contact Us to Learn More

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