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Mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020. − Statista


Engineered Lubricants is a manufacturer of lubricants, cleaners, rust preventatives and metalworking fluids. They needed a mobile app to become a value-added supplier while benefiting from metrics for sales planning, customer care, and measurable ROI.

The custom mobile app needed to give customers real-time information on their inventory, technology maintenance and product needs to help them improve forecasting and ROI.


Engineered Lubricants wanted an app to assist customers in their growth endeavors, set themselves apart from the competition, and shine as an industry leader. To do this, they needed a way to automate, collect, store, and use an incredible amount of data that would otherwise be lost or not available.

In order to meet all their needs, Swip Systems had to build a custom mobile app. They wanted the custom app to be able to:

  • Communicate with and engage customers to cultivate loyalty.
  • Add visibility to keep your company top-of-mind.
  • Stand out from the competition with useful value-added services.
  • Log and access real-time information to manage inventory, systems, and costs.
  • Enrich customer and company efficiency to forecast and budget more accurately.
  • Manage large amounts of intricate data easily for increased sales/ROI.

They started by creating an internal team and budgeting for the costs of that human capital. This team led the entire project, created a detailed plan, and provided collaboration between their company and Swip Systems, their external software development company.

Once their team had a comprehensive plan in place, they defined and honed what they wanted their app to do and look like. There were a lot of back-and-forths until it was in a state that met their Minimum Viable Product. This meant it was the product everyone was happy with – it’s not overly complex and meets their business needs without a bunch of bells and whistles.


Swip Systems had the pleasure of working with Engineered Lubricants to help them develop and implement a mobile app with a web-based backend database. They now have a super-charged tool with touchpoints that assists their customers with instant information that improves processes and outcomes, all while minding the budget.

The precise mobile app data, collected at each location on tablets, funnels into a web-based portal at Engineered Lubricants. This provides administrative access and generates reports and analytics for their customers, as well as their internal team. This enhances processes and KPIs for both parties.

During the entire process, open communication between everyone involved – which may be the most vital step of all − kept the process smooth and productive. By following our recommended app-building process with thought and precision, Engineered Lubricants progressed successfully knowing they could add new features, such as a customer portal, as time goes by.

It may seem like a huge undertaking to develop a custom mobile app, however, many companies, like Engineered Lubricants, have done it successfully and you can too. Check out our Six Steps Guide to Custom Software Application Success for greater detail and the short video series that goes with it.

If you have any questions about designing a mobile app or this article, we love being a resource for you and are here to help in any way we can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out877.377.SWIP

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