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How Mobile Sales Apps Solve the Top 5 Sales Issues

Does your company have big goals to increase sales but you’re struggling to excite your team, differentiate your brand or inspire customer loyalty? If you’ve tried all the usual revenue-building activities and still feel adrift, it’s time to look at technology – most notably mobile sales apps as a tool to solve sales issues.
With a custom mobile sales app, you can rise above so-so results and stagnant sales. An app helps you stay relevant while your sales reps, internal team members, and customers realize their goals with speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. There are many problems that apps can solve. A sales tool app will “wow!” your customers and clients with the best buying experience and solve the Top 5 Most Common Sales Issues listed here.

Mobile apps are projected to have the most impact on business success by 2020.” – Gartner, Inc.

1. Prospecting – Build & Grow Your Brand

Prospecting is changing. There’s not much “cold calling” anymore and warm leads can end up going cold if your sales team does not make the connection between your prospects’ needs and your products and services … fast.

A sales automation mobile app at your fingertips that’s tied to your lead generation efforts can identify ideal customers, target the decision-makers, and recognize issues and buying triggers before the call ever takes place. With real-time, precise data of a predictive nature, your sales team will portray the knowledge and provide easy solutions to problems. This reflects positively on your brand and creates customer satisfaction. Your prospects will have a hard time not buying from you and you’ll find yourself asking, “What competition?”

2. Address Customer Needs Fast – Solve Problems & Sales Issues

When your sales team calls on an existing customer or new prospect, what is the number one thing they investigate … the problems your company can solve for them. No matter how long you’ve been servicing certain customers, their needs change constantly, and often, they do not know that they have a new problem until you solve it. That’s what mobile sales apps can do.

In a world where buyers quickly research online to solve their problems, and the personal sales cycle has gotten longer, it’s essential to provide value and insight into their buying process with immediacy. This includes a fast response that solves the known problem with potential savings, and at the same time, solves the value-added unknowns – like a secondary benefit of time economy or additional production. Mobile sales apps can put the right tools and data in your sales reps’ hands, solve multiple customer issues, and close the deal over and over again. Mobile apps for sales reps are a necessity for efficient processes.

3. Oversee Accounts – Inspire Loyalty with Efficiency

Most companies and individuals are 60% through a buying decision before they reach out to a sales rep or a company to learn more. With customers constantly researching online for solutions, overseeing accounts and staying top-of-mind is a struggle. This is where a mobile sales app is a game-changer. When automatically linked to every detail of your lead generation, CRM, sales history, and KPI data, your sales team can manage accounts with light-speed and predict or react to their needs on-the-go with an efficiency never available before.

When a rep is in front of a customer with your custom mobile app that visually shows him or her an efficient, low-cost, value-added solution, it is a compelling customer experience that can’t be matched. This interactive tool helps your reps manage customers’ needs and buying habits and be readily available with answers. And because the customer can see for themselves in real-time what the sales rep is proposing or solving, there’s transparency and trust that transcends a handshake. This builds a deeper relationship between the rep and the client, which, in turn, creates customer success and loyalty.

4. Increase Margins – Manage Buyers’ Budget Constraints

With ever-increasing costs and tighter budgets, expanding sales and margins is a constant battle. In today’s environment, it’s not about selling more, it’s about selling smarter. It’s about empathizing with the customers’ budget constraints while being a source for greater production and inventory movement, rather than the cheapest guy on the block.

So how do you compete if your costs go up too? By using technology to solve customer problems and visually SHOW results and options immediately, while at the customer’s location. That could mean using a mobile sales app to physically measure something, suggest a product, and calculate a price on the spot. Maybe the app could provide a cost-comparison for manufacturers’ recommendations and a bulk buying option that tabulates a long-term amortized report for a customer’s maximized production and budget. Mobile apps for sales reps can help keep clients’ budgets in-tact and retain their business by being trusted advisors who work with them to manage costs while increasing your company’s sales in the process.

5. Surpass Competition – Customer Satisfaction that Sells for You

How do you set your company apart? Human nature is such that we are not inclined to make change unless we’re being told to or we have a very compelling reason to do so. What convincing reason are you giving your prospects (or even your current customers) to switch business to you or add another product or service? It has to be more than price.

With a sales-based mobile app that engages customers on-the-spot, solves their core problems, removes secondary issues, and makes the most of the sales cycle, your team can build trust and improve customer satisfaction. When you provide valid solutions that remain relevant as your customers grow, cost no longer becomes a driving force and you stay one step ahead of the competition. Sales solutions apps provide so much useful, unique data quickly, a sales-rep/customer partnership forms as both work toward improving ROI. Theirs and yours!

Using technology to grow business is not an option anymore. Just when you think you sorted out the next best thing with your CRM, website, and web-based app, it’s time to move into the next generation of tools with your own mobile sales application. We can recommend the best mobile sales app for your business process.

The Bottom Line …

Are you providing unique, value-added solutions for your customers? Are you staying relevant and growing or are you falling behind your competition? As companies search for concise business solutions, both from a buying position and a sales perspective, they are leveraging mobile sales apps for business process automation and expect their suppliers to do the same. Will you be one of them?
The future of mobile sales app development and usage is now. It is the next wave of efficiency and forecasting to lower expenses, improve operations, and increase revenue conveniently for your customers, sales reps, and your company. If you have any questions about this topic or how our Swip team may be able to help you, please feel free to contact us anytime at 877.377.SWIP to help find the best sales app for your needs. We’re here to help businesses grow!

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