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Longevity is always important when it comes to reputation. Since 1971, Meyer Honda has been selling vehicles to families throughout the greater St. Louis area. Whether you need a new or pre-owned vehicle, financing options, or are looking to get your car serviced, they offer a full range of products and services.


Like many car dealerships, keeping everything running efficiently is a challenge on both the front and back end. Your sales team needs to be helpful and knowledgeable, but the technology and equipment you use to manage your inventory and customer data need to also be reliable!

Meyer Honda was facing some challenges with their existing IT service provider when they reached out to our team at Swip Systems. They run a dealer management system (DMS), which is very critical to their operations as it manages their leads, customer information, and inventory. Losing this information could cost them dearly, so we set out to make sure they wouldn’t be at risk in case of a disaster. To ensure their network was stable and organized, we started by doing a full cleanup of their server room and cabinet wiring.

After the cleanup, we worked with their team to get a new server in place to better run their network. From there, we established backups, installed anti-virus software, configured their firewall correctly, and added a 24×7 monitoring service. This service contacts us if one of Meyer’s servers or computers is malfunctioning in some way, allowing us to quickly diagnose and fix the problem. Lastly, we installed a cloud backup for them to keep their data safe online in case their servers were to fail.


Meyer Honda has been much happier now, having the support and confidence they need to keep the network running smoothly. With this new system in place, their management and sales staff have peace of mind knowing that the network is reliable and can be counted on to run their daily operations.

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