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Swip Systems Created a Tablet App & Web App & Provided Cloud Solutions to Help Eye Thrive Serve St. Louis Kids with Greater Efficiency

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Eye Thrive, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the leading provider of quality vision screenings, professional eye exams, and prescription glasses for under-served children in the St. Louis region. To reach as many children as possible and remove the barriers to eye health, Eye Thrive has a Mobile Vision Clinic (MVC) with two exam lanes that allow optometrists to provide eye exams for up to 40 children in one visit. Most glasses are made onboard and dispensed the same day, including duplicate pairs for children with high prescriptions and/or identified additional needs. From start to finish it all takes about 30 minutes.

Given Eye Thrive’s addition of year-round screenings and the growing number of children the clinic helps, the team needed …

  1. Better mobile capability to efficiently serve as many kids as possible.
  2. Assistance with outfitting the Mobile Vision Clinic with Cloud connectivity.
  3. Quick access to shared data between the Mobile Vision Clinic and the organization’s main office.

To move forward with an updated technology program, the team reached out to Swip Systems of St. Louis, Missouri, for help. We discovered the nonprofit would benefit most from a combination of custom tablet app development, custom web application development, and Cloud solutions.

The Challenge … Better Access to Data in Two Locations, Real-Time Updates & Simplified Examination Process

As with all of Swip System’s custom software development clients, we got to know Eye Thrive and observed how the organization operates. This provided insight and allowed our developers to identify the client’s full scope of challenges, beyond what they thought they needed.

Though Eye Thrive had an existing software system, it was not serving all their needs. During discovery, we verified the need for a technology solution that would provide access to all their data in their Mobile Vision Clinic AND at their main office, as well as real-time information updates between the two. Some of their paper processes could also be automated within the same digital solution. To bring it all together, the MVC required Cloud connectivity.

A man's hand holding a tablet on his fingertips with a digital cloud above it shining down on the tablet like sunlight.

The Solution … Custom Tablet App, Custom Web App, Cloud Solutions & More

The solution to Eye Thrive’s mobile capability challenge was multilayered. While we built the custom tablet app and web application, we established internet connectivity and implemented Cloud solutions in the Mobile Vision Clinic, which provided an immediate benefit to the MVC staff.

For the optometrists in the MVC, we designed and developed a tablet app, while simultaneously developing the web application for the main office to access the data from the MVC and vice versa. To enable the two applications to communicate, we created an application programming interface, or an API, and produced a database for them to collect all their data in a central location. The solution included:

  • Internet connectivity and Cloud solutions
  • Custom tablet app development
  • Custom web application development
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Central database development

The Result … Exceptional Communication & Business Processes that Ultimately Support the Children Being Served

Today, with the utmost efficiency, Eye Thrive optometrists and staff can help even more children with their vision by using their custom tablet app, web application, and Cloud-based solutions. Now, things like glasses replacement ordering, record keeping, doctor referrals, and general patient information access are a breeze. Additionally, internal processes have become more transparent, and in the future, new features can be added to keep pace with technology and help the organization scale.

Additionally, Eye Thrive gained the following benefits from its new tablet app and web app:

  • More fluidity in eye examination and business processes
  • Improved efficiencies in eye exams
  • Better access to data from all locations
  • Single source of truth with student data
  • Easy digital referrals to other eye doctors’ offices
  • Simplified replacement of lenses and frames from existing student data
  • Better inventory management of frames and lenses

Little Black girl putting on her new glasses and smiling

Have You Considered a Tablet App, Mobile App, or Updated Software Solutions for Your Business or Organization?

To learn how the latest technology, including mobile apps, web apps, and tablet apps could help your business reduce risk, improve efficiencies, and create greater customer satisfaction, let us know.  Just as we did for Eye Thrive, Swip Systems’ custom application development services can help your organization meet its objectives and improve the bottom line by staying in step with technology. Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation — we love helping business owners and leaders understand and develop technology that will change their organizations. 877.377.SWIP

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